The Holland personality test is a wonderful tool for helping you identify your own personality type. It can help you make better decisions about life. It can also provide you with insight into the personality type of people you know. It can help you understand which people have similar personalities to you and which people you should avoid.


The Holland Code is a personality test that can help you determine what career is right for you. This model was developed by psychologist John L. Holland in 1959 and it consists of six broad personality types. Each of these types is associated with one of six job clusters.

In general, people with Enterprising and Social occupational themes tend to work in a team environment and are comfortable leading groups. They also enjoy challenging themselves. They may also be interested in a creative career.

The Investigative and Artistic occupational themes tend to be research-oriented and have a tendency to be precise. They also like to learn by studying facts and theories. They enjoy deep diving into information and are very much interested in solving complex problems.

The Realistic and Doer occupational themes enjoy working with tools, objects, and concrete tasks. They are usually very assertive. They also tend to enjoy problem-solving and working outdoors.


The Holland artistic personality test can help you identify your career path. It is a simple assessment that takes less than five minutes. A high score can help you land a job that will allow you to express your creativity and passions.

Holland's theory of vocational personalities was pioneered by John L. Holland in 1966. His theory explains that people are categorized by their preferences, attitudes, and skills. These three categories are then further grouped into six major occupational areas.

The social and creative are two of the most common types. These two areas are usually associated with extraversion and intuition. Many teachers, clergy, and healthcare workers have these interest themes.

The artistic domain is dominated by the NF and NP types. The NF is an intuitive feeling type. This is a common personality type for people interested in the humanities and other fields that deal with creativity and self-expression.

The artistic and creative types are idealistic and rebel against structure. They are often intuitive, emotionally expressive, and innovative. They enjoy self-expression and self-development. These types may perform a variety of jobs, from marketing to developing campaigns to managing a company.


Realistic personality is one of the six personality types categorized by Holland's personality test. A person with this type enjoys working with concrete information, materials and results. They also like to solve problems and appreciate practicality. These people tend to work alone and are confident with the physical world.

There are many careers that can be suitable for this personality type. Some of the most natural matches include athletic and athletic training jobs. These individuals are also interested in the outdoors.

If you are looking for a way to figure out your best career option, taking a realistic personality test can be a good idea. These tests are designed to identify the best fit between your personal traits and your vocational interests. They can even help you decide if you are likely to enjoy your career.

Holland's RIASEC model is a good place to start. It does not assess your personality as well as some other more specific tests. This is because it is not focused on extroversion, social anxiety or time management.


Conventional is one of the six personality types developed by psychologist John L. Holland. These individuals prefer to be organized, have a methodical approach to work, and enjoy orderly settings. They can be effective at organizing data, and enjoy the challenge of working with numbers in a structured setting.

They also thrive on theories and calculations. They can be exacting in their work, and are often drawn to careers where they can make a significant difference. They may be precise and analytical, or they may be a free thinker and enjoy deep dives for information.

While Conventional types have traditionally found satisfaction in secretarial and administrative work, they can be found in all occupations. They are efficient and detail-oriented, and they can help take an organization to the next level. However, erratic and unpredictable situations can overwhelm them.

If you're curious about your personality type, you can take the Holland Codes test online or in print. Several employers use the codes to screen potential employees. The test provides a description of your personality and a list of your occupational interests. It can also be used to locate career paths that suit your personality.