ISP proxies act as middlemen to route traffic more efficiently and reduce traffic volume which leads to faster download speeds. They also cache frequently requested content so that users can access it quickly.

ISP proxies, sometimes referred to as residential proxies, use IP addresses that are assigned to users' residential connections. They offer a combination of benefits that include speed, reliability, and anonymity.


ISP proxies are relatively new to the tech scene. They are great for tasks that do not require high speeds and can be used to bypass geo-restrictions. However, they have their limitations. They rely on data centers and often have limited location coverage. They also tend to have low subnet diversity, and they can be blacklisted easily if not refreshed regularly.

Infatica's ISP proxies are a great option for those who need reliable and fast proxy servers. These static residential proxies are disguised using data center IP addresses, which allows them to provide speed advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional residential proxies that are tied to home devices like computers and smartphones.

ISP proxies offer the best of both worlds, offering residential IPs that are hosted on datacenter servers. They are fast, secure, and provide a higher level of anonymity than other proxy types. Whether you're looking for residential proxies for web scraping, SEO monitoring, or ad verification, ISP proxies are the right choice for your needs.


ISP Proxies use a pool of residential IP addresses to provide users with privacy and security. These proxies appear as legitimate internet users and make it difficult for websites to track their activity. This provides an added layer of security against anti-scraping and other threats that rely on IP identification.

Proxies also speed up web browsing by caching resources, which eliminates the need to download files from remote servers. This can be especially helpful if you have a slow Internet connection.

Advanced bots leveraging ISP proxies can bypass traditional countermeasures, such as IP blocking and rate limiting. To combat this issue, businesses must leverage advanced detection technologies and monitor for suspicious activities. In addition, businesses should implement comprehensive countermeasures that can mitigate the impact of advanced bots. These measures include advanced detection systems, behavioral analysis, and a comprehensive threat intelligence program.


ISP proxies offer the best of both worlds when it comes to anonymity. They combine the anonymity of residential proxies with the speed of datacenter IPs. This allows them to be used for a wide variety of use cases, including web scraping. They also have a lower chance of triggering anti-scraping measures, as their assigned IPs appear to be legitimate.

These proxies also have fewer servers and a lower number of locations than other types of proxies. While they have some drawbacks, such as a high price and limited server locations, they are a good choice for businesses that need a reliable, fast, and undetectable proxy network.

Proxies can improve online security by hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic. They can also help you save money by reducing data costs by compressing information before it is sent to your device. In addition, they can help you get around filters imposed by your school or work.


There are multiple types of proxies available, but one type stands out from the rest – the static residential ISP proxy network. These proxies have the best attributes of both residential and data center proxies, making them ideal for a variety of use cases.

For example, ISP proxies can bypass geo-restrictions on websites and allow users to appear as regular Internet users with real IP addresses. This allows them to access restricted content such as social media, classifieds sites, and eCommerce platforms.

They also offer a high speed connection, optimal rotation, and unlimited bandwidth. This is why they are ideal for bot operators who need a reliable and secure network to perform tasks such as web scraping, data collection, and other research.

ISP proxies can also be used for e-commerce and sneaker bots, and to avoid rate limits that prevent bots from submitting purchase requests in a short period of time. This flexibility measure can help to reduce roadblocks and ensure a successful shopping experience.