Botany at Dairy Farm is a luxury condominium in Singapore, with 385 luxurious residential units. The condominium has environmental goals and embraces nature. Besides, it offers amenities, including common activities, to enhance the lifestyle of residents. For more information, call (+65) 61001380 or visit the official website.

385 luxury residential units

Botany at Dairy Farm is a new condominium development located in District 23. Managed by Sim Lian Land Pte Ltd, the property will have 385 units of luxury residential units. Its location is convenient as it is near several schools and expressways. The development is also accessible via public transport. There are different types of homes to choose from, ranging from one to five bedrooms.

The location is ideal for those who want to enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside. The development is located next to Dairy Farm Walk, where a vast amount of walking and cycling trails are available. It is also near the Pan Island Expressway and Hillview MRT stations.

Embraces nature

In the quest for more sustainable farming practices, Dairy Farm Price is embracing nature in new ways. The farm has partnered with local colleges and universities to develop sustainable farming practices. It hosts "winning with climate and nature" workshops and has encouraged members to use cleaner fuel. It is also considering adding solar panels to its dairy building.

Embraces environmental goals

Dairy farmers are working to reduce their impact on the environment. The net zero initiative is one way to help the dairy industry achieve its environmental goals. This initiative focuses on feed production, manure handling, and cow care, and has many resources to help farmers improve their practices. This initiative also promotes the adoption of dairy-friendly technologies.

Dairy farmers are also working to improve the soil's health and carbon content. More carbon in the soil means healthier animals and better yields, which means a sustainable resource for the dairy industry. Another important way that dairy farmers can reduce their impact on the environment is by improving the efficiency of their production and transportation. In addition to using low-carbon fleets, they are also developing more efficient manufacturing processes and converting manure into energy.

Offers common activities

The Sim Lian Group has put up a $347 million bid for the Botany at Dairy Farm project. That comes out to be $980 per square foot of land. The development is near a number of schools and is an ideal place for children to learn about plants. It has a variety of plant specimens on display. It is expected to be completed by 2025.

This estate is close to many amenities, including the Dairy Farm Walk and Hillview MRT stations. It is also accessible via the Pan Island Expressway, making it easy to get to other parts of the city. You can enjoy the lush greenery and the nearby Bukit Panjang Plaza.