Whether you have to leave your dog alone for work or just need a dog sitter in Bangkok for a night, it can be a stressful time. By using a trusted pet boarding sitter, you can ensure your dog will get the best care possible while staying in a safe and familiar environment.


A luxury place that specializes in dog boarding and accommodation, Zoeta-Dogsoul offers a range of services for your beloved pooch. It has a dog pool, grooming station, spa, and play area.

They also offer a variety of activities for dogs, such as yoga, meditation, and swimming lessons. The kennel is fully air-conditioned and is situated in a tranquil area.

Zoeta-Dogsoul is a great option for those looking to spend some quality time with their furry friends while on vacation or staycation. Most of these pet-friendly hotels provide amenities like a saltwater pool and a grooming station.

However, it is important to note that most pet-friendly hotels charge extra fees for staying with your pet. Hence, it is essential to check their pet policy before booking your reservation. To help you find the right pet-friendly hotel in Bangkok, we have listed some of the best options below!

The Farm

If you're looking for the perfect place to board your dog while you're away on holiday, The Farm in Soi Dao is a great option. It's a fully enclosed, safe and secure boarding facility with a swimming pool, garden and ball pit to keep dogs entertained while their humans are out of town.

The staff at The Farm take care of every detail, including a full schedule of activities to make sure your dog has the best time possible while you're away on vacation. They also offer spa treatments, grooming services and of course, plenty of room to roam.

We've rounded up the top dog boarding Bangkok facilities to help you find the right match for your pet. We'll be updating this list as we discover more dog boarding places that are worth checking out in the near future! The most important thing to remember is that all of these places have a dedicated staff who are trained and certified to handle all types of pets.

Unleashed BKK

A new, Western-style doggy daycare and boarding facility in Thonglor Pet City, Unleashed BKK is aiming to change the way dogs are treated in Bangkok. Run by Englishwoman Gemma Booth, it aims to provide dogs with the care they deserve while letting them be dogs and allowing them to have the freedom and exercise they need to thrive. Unlike most cage boarding facilities, big and small dogs are kept together under close supervision with the aim of creating a homely environment where they can play, sleep, socialize and exercise alongside their doggy friends. There's even a swimming pool and huge, fully secure dog park to keep your pup entertained.