If you're considering a neon custom led sign for your business, there are many benefits to LEDs over their neon counterparts. For starters, LEDs are much more energy efficient, and they also last much longer. Additionally, they're cheaper and child-safe. That's not to mention how cool they look!

LEDs are more energy efficient

One of the biggest benefits of LEDs for neon signs is their low energy consumption. They operate at a low voltage of 65 watts, whereas traditional neon uses three thousand to eight thousand volts. Because they do not use glass tubes, LEDs also produce virtually no heat, which means they do not cause as much heat as traditional neon. LED neon signs also produce a uniform brightness, which makes them easy to read up close and from a distance. Furthermore, LED neon signs can be dimmed to meet individual needs. This means they can be used both for daytime and nighttime display.

LED signage also requires less maintenance. This translates to less operational costs. Traditional neon signs require more maintenance and specialist attention. Not to mention, the genuine glass tubing inside them can break, requiring special disposal procedures. LEDs are also shockproof, producing almost no heat and are completely safe for the environment.

They last longer

There are several benefits to choosing LED neon signs for your business, including the fact that they consume less power. They also last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means that you won't have to keep replacing them over time. Additionally, LED signs are water-resistant, so you can place them indoors or outdoors without worrying about damage. Another benefit of LED neon signs is that they have better visibility in sunlight and require very little shine or glow, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

The biggest disadvantage of neon signs is that their lights are prone to breakage, so you should have them replaced by a professional. Another disadvantage to neon signs is that they can be easily broken if they fall, so it's always best to get an LED alternative. LED lights are also much easier to pick up and handle than traditional neon signs.

They are cheaper

The costs of custom neon LED signs depend on several factors, including the number of words on the sign, the complexity of the design, and the custom logo. More complex designs, such as an intricate logo or custom image, will increase the overall cost of the sign. However, if you are limited on budget, a simple graphic design may be cheaper than a more complex design.

A custom LED neon sign can be used for many different situations. The sign can be white when off or be cold white when on. In addition, a custom neon sign can be used outdoors or indoors. Some neon signs also come with UV printing to make them appear real and more realistic.

They are child-safe

Unlike traditional neon signs, LED neon custom signs have no dangerous gases. They also provide a bright and varied light source that can be adjusted for brightness and color. They are also an energy efficient and cost-effective alternative to neon signs. These signs are also very attractive and unique. They can be used in businesses and for interior decoration.

These signs are ideal for young children and nurseries because they don't need batteries. They can be dimmed or switched off whenever needed, and they don't make any noise. They are also a great decoration for nurseries and bedrooms, especially if you're looking for a unique nightlight for your child's room.

They are silent

Custom LED signs are a new generation of commercial advertising that are based on the latest technology and materials. These signs are energy efficient and come with a long life of 50,000 hours, which is almost 30 years when turned on at full intensity. Aside from this, the LEDs use 95% of their energy to produce light and only 5% is used as heat. This type of custom sign is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Compared to the glass tube neon signs, LEDs are 10 times more energy efficient. Furthermore, they offer a wider range of colors and are more flexible than glass. They can also be combined with other signage materials. They are also much thinner than glass neon signs, which makes them a popular option for small businesses. Besides, they are much easier to install and hang.