Having a dash cam can help you save money on your car insurance premiums. It can also make it easier for law enforcement and your insurer to see who is at fault after an accident.

This car dash cam doesn’t have a screen, but it still packs plenty of features. It has a front camera and an optional rear camera.

Wide-angle lens

A front and rear dash cam is the best way to protect yourself in the event of an accident or to prove your innocence if there’s a dispute between you and another driver or with the insurance company. It can also help settle family arguments.

The YI 4K is one of the top-rated car dash cameras, and it comes with a 1080p rear camera that can be used for parking. The wide-angle lens helps reduce blind spots, and it can record clear video even in low light conditions. It is easy to install and features a 3-inch LCD screen. The built-in G-sensor saves impact footage, and the loop recording function ensures that important clips are not overwritten.

The CHORTAU Dash Cam is a cheap and reliable option for anyone who wants a simple to use car dash camera. It has a 120-degree angle lens and a three-inch display. It is easy to mount and includes a polarizing filter to eliminate windshield reflections. It also has a g-sensor, motion detection, and a parking guard.

Loop recording

A loop recording feature is a useful addition to your car dash camera. It ensures that your footage is always recorded and won’t be deleted or overwritten by accident. However, it can cause problems when you’re using the cam for emergency situations and do not lock the videos immediately.

Loop recording is the most popular feature for drivers because it eliminates the need to buy extra memory cards or worry about deleting important files. It also helps to save on battery power. The video is divided into smaller clips of three minutes, which allows for easier storage and transfer of data.

Another feature that is useful for those who are looking for a more professional dash cam is the GPS function. This allows you to track where your vehicle is at any given time, and can be a vital piece of evidence in the event of a dispute with another driver or the police. It’s also helpful for logging your driving habits.

Audio recording

The best dash cams for cars feature a built-in microphone to record audio that goes along with the video. This is a good feature to have if you plan to use your dash camera as a security device. You can also find models that support voice controls, making it easy to adjust the settings while you’re driving.

Some states have laws against recording the conversations of passengers without their knowledge or consent. This is because it constitutes eavesdropping, which is a criminal offense. However, many dash cameras allow you to turn off the microphone to avoid this issue.

Some dash cameras also have a display on the front screen that lets you instantly review footage. This feature can be useful for settling disputes with insurance companies or for demonstrating wrongdoing to the police. Others come with a larger touchscreen or icon-based interface that makes it easier to set the camera and control its features. They can also be accessed via the manufacturer’s partner app.


While you might think that a GPS feature isn’t essential for your dash cam, it can be useful for certain situations. For instance, the ability to pinpoint the exact location of an incident can be a lifesaver if you get into a crash with another vehicle. GPS data can also help police officers investigate incidents by showing how fast you were driving at the time of an accident.

There are plenty of scammers out there who stage accidents and claim on car insurance, so it’s important to have evidence to prove your innocence. A good dash cam can make all the difference in this situation and can even save you money on your premiums. Some models come with rear and cabin cameras to provide all-around protection. This is especially important for rideshare drivers like Uber and Taxi who need to protect their cars for liability reasons.