Throughout the years, magazine covers have played an important role in accelerating female empowerment. These include O Magazine's cover of Anita Hill, whose testimony about sexual harassment changed how women were perceived.

GirlTalk is a youth-run feminist magazine that encourages high school students to start conversations about intersectional feminism. Their articles explore a variety of feminist narratives and are both informative and engaging. Visit women's magazines for the latest fashion trends.


Some publications have the ability to hit the nail right on the head. AZEEMA, led by editor Jameela Elfaki (Central Saint Martins grad) is one of those titles. The independent publication explores resistance and femininity within Middle Eastern and North African women and Women of Colour.

Their latest shoot with NIKE Swim challenges prejudices around open waters by showing that wild swimming isn't just for bikini-clad bodies.


Polyester is a print magazine, platform and community that shares the successes of women who are thriving in their professional lives. The publication celebrates their achievements and offers tips for other women to follow in their footsteps.

Polyester is a versatile fabric that can look and feel like natural fibers, including silk or cotton. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to fading and shrinkage.


The short-lived sukeban were all-female gangs that rebelled against female expectations and gender norms through petty crime and radical solidarity. They quickly became eroticised and commodified by a male-oriented entertainment industry (think movies like Terrifying Girls High School).

Their preference for long skirts can be seen as a reaction against the sexual revolution of the 1960s; these girls wanted to show that being strong and being a girl weren't mutually exclusive.


In an era of short attention spans, the physical nature of zines allows for deeper engagement with their content. Zines are also a way to counteract the dehumanising effects of social media.

The all-female collective OOMK publish a biannual zine exploring women, art and activism. They also organise a publishing fair and support alternative sites of knowledge acquisition. Their work also highlights the importance of faith and spirituality for many people.

Oh Comely

Oh Comely is a magazine that celebrates people's quirks and creativity rather than their money. This makes it attractive to readers who want to feel inspired, not pressured.

This is why Oh Comely has such a loyal audience. The magazine's content encourages its readers to be creative and talk to their neighbours. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. These traits attract Reformers and Explorers psychographic groups.


Sister is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Sonic Youth. It was released in June 1987, and has been praised by critics. Pitchfork Media named it the fourteenth best album of the 1980s.

Your monthly gift will help a woman learn vocational skills she can use to earn income for herself and her family. Each month, her sponsor will connect with her and share encouragement.

Girls Club

Girls Club provides a safe space to build confidence, experience new things, get inspiration and develop ambitions. From a mesmerizing 64-seat planetarium to state-of-the-art digital media labs, it offers a variety of workshops and mentorship programs, all for free. Their targeted curriculum allows them to tailor lessons to the challenges girls face. This leads to better performance in school and a higher earning potential.


Womankind, formerly the New York Asian Women's Center, helps survivors of gender-based violence “rise above trauma and build a path to healing.” It has established the first 24-hour multilingual helpline for victims, as well as two emergency shelter residences called Rose House and Peace House.

Pukka's Womankind herbal uplift and balance tea is designed with women in mind – its floral flavours of chamomile, rose, and shatavari are meant to help you balance naturally.

Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us explores the personal and political in a way that makes it accessible to anyone. Its intimacy and focus on specific details creates worlds that many will feel familiar, while also challenging them with hard facts of fear and confusion.

Lloyd outlines how family influence, lack of socioeconomic resources and public stigma play into children's involvement in sexual exploitation. It's a compelling and empowering narrative that should not be missed.