Onpassive is an IT company specializing in building total business solutions. Its goal is to deliver innovation and value, helping business owners maximize their potential. The site offers a wide range of tools to help you grow your business. Here are four of my favorites: O-Bless, O-Cademy, O-Connect, and O-Tracker. These are all valuable tools that can be used to increase your passive income.


The O-Bless platform is a platform where you can connect your cause with a potential audience. It promotes its campaigns in social media. This allows you to get maximum exposure to your campaign. If you want to donate money to a good cause, you can also make a donation. O-Bless is an online platform that can help you reach your goal of donating to a good cause.


If you have an entrepreneurial dream, O-Cademy might be the perfect place to get started. The website is filled with courses created by experts who are willing to share their knowledge and insights. These courses cover a variety of topics that will help you build a successful passive income stream. The content is accessible to people around the world regardless of age, occupation, or geography. It can help you earn more money while working on the business you love.


O-Tracker is a multi-featured site security tool that detects language, time zone, and currency. This allows marketers to set rules based on the countries where their visitors come from and increase their web security. Moreover, it allows them to track and map visitors from different countries to enhance data quality and position brand messages for a better engagement. The tool has a free version. If you would like to know more about O-Tracker and how it can help your business, please read on.


ONPASSIVE's O-Wallet is a mobile digital wallet that provides multi-layer security features to prevent fraud. It enables users to make purchases online, send and receive money, and manage account balances. The highly responsive interface of the O-Wallet allows users to schedule payments and view transaction reports. It also features an account dashboard that shows past transactions and spending analysis. You can also subscribe to ONPASSIVE products to receive unique offers and other benefits.


O-Staff is a personalized and scalable HRMS software portal that is geared towards changing the working dynamics of HR departments by leveraging human energy and optimizing processes. Its features include employee profiles, leave tracking, performance tracking, and benefits administration. The software is user-friendly and allows users to manage employee information and personal details. It is available on the web, so users can access it anywhere.