While there are many benefits to being part of a startupo, there are also a lot of negatives. As an employee, you will work long hours, often over fifty hours per week. This can be fun, but can also be exhausting. Choose a mission you are passionate about, and a job that you enjoy. That way, you will be able to devote time to your work while having fun. Below are some of the disadvantages to being part of a startupo company.

Courses offered at StartupO

There are several different courses at StartupO that students can take to improve their business and build a successful venture. Each course focuses on a specific topic, such as how to develop a business plan, build a product, or manage a company. The Entrepreneurship 101 course, for example, offers hands-on guidance through the early stages of building a business. This course helps students identify a need, create a product or service, and test assumptions. Students learn how to manage the complexities that come with building a startup. The course also features skill-building exercises led by experts and peer critiques of work-in-progress. The course also helps students develop a product roadmap and understand how to measure success.

Illusion of control

The illusion of control is a common human tendency to think we can control events. It has been implicated in everything from gambling to the paranormal. It has even been implicated in our belief in superstitions. Using lucky baseball caps or other items can help create the illusion of control. Even praying to win in a lottery is a good example of this illusion. It's also a common theme in startup companies and other venture capitalists.


A few years ago, France was practically begging international investors to give it a look. Today, mega-fundraising rounds prove that the French startup scene is maturing and that French entrepreneurs are poised to launch global champions. To add to the optimism, the minister of economy recently made some noteworthy remarks at the France Digitale Day conference, a tech-centric conference in Paris. The timing of the announcements matched the conference, so investors and startups were encouraged to participate.

Passionate about what you do

To be successful in business, you need to be passionate about what you do. Passion is what will keep your business going through the toughest times and make it a success. At Startupo.fr, you can find people who share your passion. Read on to learn how you can become part of this unique community. Listed below are some ways to become passionate about what you do at Startupo.fr.