GAN 356 is an affordable magnetic 3x3 speed cube from one of the world's most well-known brands. Boasting GAN's innovative new GES design with visible magnets and competitive prices compared to their flagship models, the GAN 356 stands as an exceptional value option.

It's an ideal solution for anyone seeking high-performance cubes at an accessible price point - let's discover why!

The GAN 356’s Core

The GAN 356 is an advanced 3x3 from a manufacturer that pioneered multiple advances in cubing hardware. As one of the lightest and highest-tech magnetic cubes available today, its use by top competitors such as Feliks Zemdegs in setting a world record average in November 2019 speaks for itself.

GAN 356's latest iteration boasts several key upgrades from previous models, with its most noticeable upgrade being its Numerical IPG core - featuring an innovative dual adjustment system allowing you to fine tune tension and spring compression across each face individually, making it easier than ever before to find an optimal match between cube tightness and hand speed burst speed.

GAN 356 features an improved core, as well as other high-quality components that make it an excellent choice for anyone in search of a premium magnetic cube. Factory magnetised, it features smooth turning feel with good corner cutting performance. As is typical for GAN cubes, WCA competitions do not permit changing corners unless an accidental twist renders it unsolvable.

The GAN 356 M is the full version of this cube and includes several spare GES spring options and nuts. There is also a lighter edition which does not contain these extra parts.

The GAN 356’s Numerical IPG

The GAN 356 M is an innovative magnetic 3x3 speedcube from Gan, featuring their groundbreaking IPG numeric system to adjust tension for an ideal feel and more customized magnet strength than other cubes available on the market.

It features a core composed of high-grade light blue plastic and steel screws to increase stability and prevent corner twisting, providing faster and more accurate turning compared to budget cubes with reduced corner cutting. Furthermore, it's more durable compared to others as tightening can occur over a wider spectrum without harming its inner mechanisms or core mechanisms.

This puzzle is an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned cubers who require a fast and smooth magnetic speedcube. Due to its outstanding stability and performance, speedcubers worldwide love this model.

The GAN 356 is an exceptional budget cube designed to dazzle. Featuring its innovative dual hand-adjustable IPG core and spare GES spring options for speed solving, as well as its interchangeable magnet system enabling magnet strength changes within 30 seconds - eliminating glue requirements - the GAN 356 is truly revolutionary and one of the world's greatest values!

The GAN 356’s GES

GES system is a tensioning system designed to minimize noise generated when turning GAN cubes, increasing stability and making corner cutting more manageable.

These cubes come with a set of spare GES nuts with different elastic levels to allow you to tailor the feel of your cube to your liking. In general, stronger GES nuts make for faster cubes; however, they may feel uncomfortable or unnatural for some solvers. Each GES nut consists of three components - a colored nut with two colourless spring caps sitting over it; each nut has an individual elastic level indicated by its colour;

GAN Cube's flagship models have proven very popular over time, yet can be too pricey for certain solvers. The 356 RS was created to offer many of the same technologies present in these top-of-the-line cubes at a more reasonable cost - perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy cutting edge tech without breaking their budget! This makes a fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to remain up-to-date.

The GAN 356’s Interchangeable Magnet System

GAN Cube has come up with an innovative system to adjust the magnet strength without disassembling its cube. By simply changing one of their capsules with various magnet strengths, they allow you to quickly customize your puzzle's magnetic force for hand feel and performance purposes.

This new 3x3 puzzle strikes the perfect balance between magnet strength of other top models and speedsolving applications, using its one-of-a-kind hand-adjustable Numerical IPG core and several alternative GES spring options to provide endless adjustment possibilities. You're able to fine-tune this model for a precise yet fast puzzle experience perfect for speedsolving.

The GAN 356 was specifically created to be quiet with an all plastic design that minimizes vibration and noise compared to traditional metal-based cubes. Out of the box it performs wonderfully quickly turning corners quickly while cutting corner sharply; and comes lubricated with MAX Command, MAX Fleet, and DNM-37 lubes which have been approved by professional speedcuber Max Park himself!

The GAN 356 is an innovative cube boasting impressive new features that set it apart from its competitors. Ideal for upgrading current cubes to something offering premium experience without breaking the bank, this cube must-have will soon be your new go-to option!